Headlights polishing Kit

Headlights polishing Kit




Will Remove light scratches, scuffs and discolouration. Will bring tired, old, dull and hazy headlights and tail lights back to life and leave them sparkling like brand new


  • Safe and easy to use, even for an inexperienced person
  • Useful for front and back automotive lights
  • Rejuvenates and protects at the same time
  • Removes minor scratches
  • Restores car lights to full strength
  • Only requires a ordinary electric power drill, no other tools required
  • Enough consumables for more than one repair

What is this kit suitable for?

  • All Acrylic glass
  • Most plastic surfaces
  • Fibre glass

What is this kit not suitable for?

  • Ordinary glass
  • Poly-carbonate surfaces
  • Deep Scratches

What is in the box?

1 x      Spindle Backing Pad (Velcro)
50ml Plastic Polishing Compound
50ml Specialist Sealant & UV Protector
2 x     Polishing Felts Pad
1 x     Micro Fibre Cloth 1 x    
Full Instructions

PS: For deep scratches on your automotive plastic please see our Medium Scratches Restoration Kit.
Please note that UV rays penetrate the surface of plastics and can cause discolouration inside the substance which cannot be removed by a surface polish