Glass Abrasive Disc 75mm Coarse

Glass Abrasive Disc 75mm Coarse




Description: The GP-PRO (TM) Glass abrasive disc is a special third generation bonded glass abrasive that has been developed with input from GLASS POLISH technicians worldwide. It has a  colour coded velour backing for easy identification of grit size. It produces superior results, even for inexperienced users. Can be used with any Velcro backing pad.

Manufacturer/Supplier: GLASS POLISH

Disk Size: 75mm 

Grit: Coarse

Abrasive Material: Silicon Carbide

Used for:

  • Removal of deeper scratches
  • Removal of angle grinder splatter
  • Largel areas 
  • Attaching to 125mm hook and loop (Velcro - TM) backing pads
  • Use with rotary power tool (drill or sander / polisher)
  • Wet or dry sanding
  • All types of glass except coated glass

Not to be used for: 

  • Light scratches
  • Chips and cracks in glass
  • Haze or lime scale ( calcium deposits )
  • Coated glass
  • PSA backingpads
  • Polycarbonate glass

Additional Info: Read this for comparison of abrasive materials Please note that the comparative hardness of glass on the Mohs scale is 5.%!

Features: Fast removal of damage due to very hard abrasive material   (check hardness comparisons of different abrasives  ), more cost cost-effective than other abrasives

Used by Glass Polish technicians world wide