Glass Polishing Compound 50ml

Glass Polishing Compound 50ml




Glass Polishing Compound

Designed for quick and effective use on all types of glass. We have tested a wide range of raw materials and selected the best available for this superior quality compound meaning you only need to use small quantities at a time to achieve outstanding results. Specially formulated to give the faster results than other cerium oxide formulation. Excellent suspension qualities mean the compound stays homogeneous for longer.

What Is the Glass Polishing Compound suitable for?

  • ‍Reduce and polish light scratches,
  • Remove lime scale corrosion
  • Final polish after using abrasives in a multi-stage repair system
  • Use with electric tools
  • Use for hand polishing of small surfaces

What Is Glass Polishing Compound not suitable for?

  • Scratches that you can feel with a fingernail
  • Materials other than glass such as plastic

This is the preferred compound used by our technicians every day