Glass Scratch Removal DIY – Medium Scratches

medium scratches repair kit

Glass Scratch Removal DIY – Medium Scratches


Product Description

Glass Repair Medium

Glass Repair Medium

Glass Scratch Removal DIY – Medium Scratches

Glass Scratch Removal with a low cost, simple kit, ready to use by anybody. Contains full, easy to follow instructions . No prior expertise required.


• Glass scratch removal safe to use for an inexperienced person
• Can be used for any type of glass, toughened, laminated, double glazed, tinted
• Does not cause distortion or haze in the glass
• Only requires a standard household electric drill
• Contains full instructions for use
• Does not contain any hazardous substances

What is the Glass Scratch Removal DIY Kit suitable for?

• Medium depth scratches, light scratches What’s the difference
• “Hard Water”and calcium stains
• All types of glass, float glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, double glazing
• Tinted glass

What is the Glass Scratch Removal DIY Kit not suitable for?

• Deep scratches What’s a deep scratch?
• Non-glass surfaces
• Graffiti tags on glass (you need a Deeper Scratches Kit for those)
• Mobile Phone, Tablet and TV Flat Screens

What is in the box?

Full Instructions
1 x 75mm  Backing Pad Velcro
1 x 75mm  Backing pad Self Stick
1 x 50ml Glass Polishing Compound
2 x 75mm Rayon Felt Polishing disks
2 x 75mm   Blue Abrasive
2 x 75mm   Orange Abrasive
1 x 250ml Spray Bottle
1 x Polishing cloth
1 x Dust Mask

How much area can I cover with the consumables in the Glass Scratch Removal kit?

Frankly, that depends a lot on your skill. With the abrasives and polish in this kit a professional could probably remove  scratches on an area of several square feet. As a beginner you would therefore cover somewhat less of an area. The good news is: you can always order more consumables at a cost much lower than the full kit.

Would you like more information?

This link is primarily for automotive glass, but in principle applies to all types of glass Windscreen advisory website


While we only use premium quality products in our kits, nevertheless as with all DIY products the outcome to a large extent depends on the skill of the person using the kit


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