Before & After

Glass scratch damage fully removed

Before & After

Glass stain damage fully removed

Stop the Graffiti “Artists”!

Find out how the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney is winning the battle against graffiti.

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What Type of Damage Do You Need to Get Repaired?

Pool Fence Scratches - Before Photo

Glass Scratches

Glass scratches easily, you don’t need a diamond ring for it.
Glass Stains - Before Photo

Glass Stains

Staining on glass occurs in quite a variety of situations.
Graffiti Damage - Before Photo

Graffiti Damage

Remove graffiti completely without breaking the bank.

DIY Glass Repair

Full range of DIY kits to make the job easy for you.

What People Are Saying About Our Services

The client was very impressed with you and your men and their professionalism whilst carrying out their work.

Glass Polish has been asked to do an extensive job in a short period of time. I was extremely happy to see the job get done… It exceeded the anticipated quality” (Project Manager, Billbergia Group)

Thanks for an excellent job. From now on we will use Glass Polish more often for repairs” (Jim Stevens, Sydney Glass)

Graffiti came out completely. You saved us from having to replace the shop front”
(Keith Soames, Real Estate)

Based on our previous experience we have found that the polishing process used by Glass Polish was able to remove deep scratches without producing very noticeable distortion in the treated area of the panel. “ (Dr Ignatius Calderone – consultant Engineer)

Your product worked excellently. It has saved me $5000 for a new scanner